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Is your car running too hot? It might be the radiator, so bring it to us for radiator service.

Your radiator is an important part of keeping your engine running. This large engine component holds the coolant, which pulls heat away from your radiator. Our expert mechanics offer a comprehensive list of radiator services to help your car run at its best.

The Importance of Your Radiator

Your car’s engine has many parts that move to create power, and that movement creates friction. Friction, in turn, creates heat. It can take very little time for the components of your engine to become super heated, and that can cause damage.

The radiator prevents this damage. It pumps a mixture of water and anti-freeze, known as coolant, through the car’s engine. This helps keep things cool, so your engine doesn’t overheat and break down. The radiator is connected to a water pump, hoses and a fan to help move heat away form the engine.

Common Radiator Problems

Like all components of your engine, the radiator can break down. When it does, your engine will overheat. Some common problems that can lead to radiator breakdowns include:

·       Low coolant levels

·       Clogged radiators

·       Thermostat issues

·       Leaks

when these problems develop, the results can be disastrous for your engine. For that reason, you want to keep your radiator well maintained. If you do end up with an over-heated engine, stop your car and turn off the engine. Let the car cool completely before you call a mechanic to help you with it.

How to Reduce the Risk of Radiator Problems

Radiator problems will cause seirous engine problems, so you want to be proactive. You can prevent radiator problems by:

·       Regularly checking coolant levels

·       Inspecting hoses for leaks and cracks

·       looking under the car for green drips or puddles

·       Scheduling routine inspections that include a radiator inspection during your maintenance check

If you do notice coolant leaks, be particularly cautious. Coolant is toxic to any pets in your family, but it actually tastes good, so pets are tempted to lick the fluid.

Our Radiator Services

If you contact us for radiator service we will:

·       Flush the radiator

·       Test the fluid to ensure it is going to withstand winter weather

·       Add new radiator fluid

·       Perform a True Brand 2 Part Coolant Kit cleaning

·       Add a corrosion and rust inhibitor

With these services, you can be confident that your radiator is in good repair. Schedule your radiator service today to do what you can to protect your engine.